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Husband and Wife Expectations in a Texas Marriage

The Evolving Demands of Satisfying a Spouse

Marriage is an age-old institution that will always be a part of life. Traditionally, getting married was essential to live a full life, and many people got married very young. Modern marriage is changing everywhere including Texas, with people choosing to delay their commitment. These later marriages are caused by changes in the expectations that both husbands and wives have, of both life and marriage itself.

A Husband’s Expectations

Husbands are expecting their wives to be their partners for life. Men today hope to choose a wife who will be with them forever, and they do not expect to get a divorce. From living together at first to selecting a pet together to trying out parenthood, men are taking longer to marry because they really want to make the right choice the first time. Once they select a partner, they are hoping for someone who will truly understand every aspect of a real marriage.

A Wife's Expectations

Wives expect to have a satisfying life with the husband of their choice but are delaying marriage in order to accomplish personal goals first. More women are finishing college, launching careers, and establishing financial independence before choosing their life partner. Today’s modern woman expects her husband to be kind, caring, and to equally contribute to marriage and household responsibilities. Other women who choose not to go to college and be financially independent expect their husbands to be a good provider, loving, caring, and family oriented.

When Marriage Expectations Fail

A marriage that cannot be saved often ignores the basic desires of husbands and wives. As any divorce lawyer will tell you, no one gets married thinking that they will get divorced. But when husbands or wives don’t fulfill his or her marriage obligations, the marriage is doomed to fail. In Texas, the Dallas and Fort Worth areas take the lead in divorce filings, mostly due to one or both marriage partners not fulfilling marriage expectations. Although marriage counseling can often help restore a marriage, in some cases, such as abuse, infidelity, or adultery, divorce may be the only option.

Changing Expectations

While marriage and family will always be important in our society, the expectations that husbands and wives have, of both each other and the institution itself, may change over time. These changes may not be in the best interest of having a good marriage and husbands and wives should evaluate the impact of changing expectations before considering the implementation of them. Marriage expectations can vary from state to state, but in the most populated areas of Texas, these expectations seem to be changing and not always for the better.